Ray Shaffer and The Center for World Networking Presents:
A Dozen Duets (sort of)


This is the complete video of our show on Sept. 21, 2015 featuring:
Ray Shaffer, Joya Winwood, Freesia Raine
Charley Thweatt, Karyn Mehus, Gary Hillman

50% of the donations to this event were donated to help the victims of
the northern California Lake County 2015 fire.

Links to individual performances (opens in YouTube)
Ray Shaffer - "I'm Writing a Book" (R. Shaffer), "All I Need to Dream" (R. Shaffer)
Joya Winwood and Ray Shaffer - "Starlace" (J. Winwood), "Voices on the Radio" (R. Shaffer)
Freesia Raine and Ray Shaffer - "Sunday Night Blues" (F. Raine), "Tangled in the Wind" (R. Shaffer)
Charley Thweatt and Ray Shaffer - "Harvest Mountain" (R. Shaffer), "Run and Hide" (C. Thweatt)
Karyn Mehus and Ray Shaffer - "Ediru" (R. Shaffer), "Diamonds in the Sun" (Girish)
Gary Hillman and Ray Shaffer - "Red Dragonfly" (G. Hillman), "Shine" (R. Shaffer)
Ending Ensemble - "Faith" (words: Rabindranath Tagore, music: Debbie Nargi-Brown: )

Links to Websites:
Charley Thweatt - musicangel.com
Freesia Raine - freesiaraine.com
Joya Winwood - mothersong.org
The Center for World Networking - cfwn.org